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April 08, 2008


What happened to your new iPod? Can you podcast your radio programs?

I appreciate your initiative to call in and try to change the crappy radio you're forced to listen to, and that you have found a sympathetic ear with the radio dj. I am continually amazed by the lack of female singers/songwriters, and listening to Pandora reminds me of how much quality music there is out there that isn't being heard. I love that I can put in a female artist that I like and have other female artists in a similar vein, with little or no radio play, pop up. I've been listening to a Feist radio station on Pandora all day.

Here are some artists who came up today whom I like and you might like, too:

Sara Barielles (Many the Miles)
Mirah (Engine Heart)
Jenny Owen Youngs (Coyote)
Laura Gibson (Hands in Pockets)

Maybe you know them already. They are rad.

If it makes you feel any better, I don't get the direction Morning Becomes Eclectic is going right now. It has become a lot harder than it used to be and invariably has a noise track that I have to scramble to mute. It's a lot more "guy" rock. I don't really like the artists that they featured in the SXSW festival and think a lot of their live sets have been uninspiring.

I would listen to Claire radio. Sign me up.

My new iPod is fine, I just can't find my transmitter thingy and don't feel right with my ear buds plugged into my head when I'm driving. And I want the surprise/variability of the radio. Though, really, I get neither with my selection of stations.

I'm completely obsessed with that Sara Barielles song that is being played all over the top 40 stations. I scan for it all the time and am excited when I find it.

My life would definitely be better if Pandora was transportable. Thanks for your suggestions!

Oh, and damn the patriarchy!

You are so cool calling in. Why don't I ever do stuff like that?

But seriously, for your sanity, you better get your cd player fixed.

I live in a middling city and never listen to the radio. I've got an ipod dongle that plugs into the cassette player (remember them? I fear looking for a new car because I wouldnt be able to use the tape player and I'm not thrilled about the transmitter dongles).

When I have to, there are two local stations I can tolerate: WMSE, the local college station which has nice variety overall, but programs in blocks so if you tune in during the death-metal program you're stuck.

But my fave is Radio Milwaukee 88Nine. Amazingly wide range of music from 60's hippie to modern punk and everything in between. And a fair mix of urban female artists to boot. And even the odd Springsteen song just to keep things even.

You can stream it here:

You like She and Him???? What about it do you like? I definitively do not. Except for the Beatles cover where you can hear Matt over her. What's really unfortunate about the album is that the SONGS are really, really good, and I'm impressed with Zooey's songwriting, but her voice is so so not good, and therefore, I don't really like the album. It's too bad since I worship M. Ward.

It does not surprise me that Milwaukee has one cool radio station. That sounds exactly like what I'm looking for in a radio station. Sigh.

Maryam - I had never called in a request before! It was fun! :)

Stacey - I emailed you re: She & Him. I haven't really heard it yet, I'm just super curious. I'm sorry to hear you don't like it!

Oh how I miss the Columbus morning NPR guy! The guy up here is a bumbling idiot who gets all kinds of things wrong and drives me to scare Mike by yelling back at the radio throughout my morning routine! I mean the guy can't even say the time correctly sometimes, give me a break! I thought NPR should have high standards! You see how worked up this gets me?

I still listen to XRT off and on and am amazed at how after being sold a number of years back, they went from an indie/alternative rock station to almost more of an oldie's station. You can't listen for more than 30 minutes and not hear some 80's tune. Of course, they try to make up for that with "New Releases Thursday"...

88 Nine is like XRT used to be, except that they don't ignore classic artists or R&B.

But the jocks love the music they play. That's what makes the difference.

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